Fees & Service Charge

At Peopleskart.com , we developed platform which is merchant friendly. Easy to use, access and Modify products,fulfill orders and ship products. Peopleskart as a platform offers merchants to sell online 24x7, Anywhere, using any device. The best part is that the fees we charge on performance based. So as a merchant you only pay when you sell and we do not charge insertion fee for listings. You can upload as many products as you wish in your online store but you only pay when you receive a successful order. Besides performance based selling service fee.

Below are the rates we charge on all categories:

CategorySelling Fee
Mobile Phones3%
Other Categories10%

We follow a Tuesday cycle, i.e. we will release Payment Instruction to our bank on each Tuesday for orders completed on or before Saturday of that week. In the Tuesday payment cycle you will get paid for the items sold a week prior and have reached "Complete" status. Please note that you will get paid only for those orders that have reached "Complete" status only.Selling Service Fee Pricing Card